Failure with clean installation - receive 603 declined from PBX

The reason I and others did not get invovled is because Scott was on the right track. He asked over and over for info andmade suggestion and you fought him every step of the way.

Than comments at the end of the thread will lead to never getting support from anyone like myself. We do this for free and to be degraded with comments Like Thanks for Nothing and stuff will not make anyone ever want to assist you.

I believe you have burnt that bridge forever. Good luck with your project. Also Ununtu is not something FreePBX officially supports so good luck and as Scott stated this was a Asterisk issue not a FreePBX issue so next time try the Asterisk Forums.

They are not unavailable, your incomplete Ubuntu installation did not have the logger.conf setup correctly. If you had looked you would have found the output in the full log (wherever Ubuntu keeps that).

Tony is right, it’s users like you that make me question my support of the project.

  1. SkykingOH was not on the right track. He kept suspecting about the network even when I told hşm that I had a running configuration with my older setup.
    He even said that the remote party could be set to DND. What kind of an ideais that ? Am I so dumb to not think about it ?

  2. He asked for info but never told how to get that info. Well maybe at the latest responses.

  3. About my comments at the end: I never think of getting help from this forum again. I couldn’t get help anyway.

  4. You do this for free ? Really ?
    SkykingOH told me to get commercial support. I’ve never heard that kind of suggestion from a community forum. And I use forums for almost everything.
    This thing you have here is not a community forum. Believe me.

  5. I am not really interested at all if FreePBX doesn’t support Ubuntu. IMHO, Ubuntu is the best Linux distro ever (and I used everything from Slackware to Caldera) If FreePBX runs on Linux, it should be supported on Ubuntu. Full stop.

  6. This is not a project for me. I kept saying that this is my home IP PBX and I just have up to 2 calls (max) on it with 3 extensions. Nothing more.
    I had a working setup with CentOS. And it was so old so I decided to migrate on Ubuntu. Now that it’s finished and I don’t have any problems, it’s nota project and I’m so happy that I won’t be trying to ask for help desperately from you guys.

  7. There is just one thing that you are correct: this was not a FreePBX issue. I’d be so glad if someone could at least tell me this before. If only someone would have told me that some f.king version of Asterisk might have asilly bug.
    Then I wouldn’t be spending around 1 month of time for nothing.

Ciao Suc.ers !!!

The 2-300 people a day that get help would tend to disagree with you.

You came out of the hole swinging with incomplete information. You SIP trace was not even a log at all yet you keep calling it a log. You had not logs because your unsupported installation of Asterisk was not setup correctly.

I read your trace more times than I wanted to, and frankly I did not know about this Asterisk bug.

You purposely withheld information about your system, that is why you did not get help. I wondered why you were being so evasive, now we know.

Commercial support is a perfectly reasonable alternative, it help funds the project and gets your problem looked at in real time by engineers, not some level 1 tech support guy. It is a moot point anyway because Ubuntu is not supported.

We have a contingent that wants Debian support, nothing is stopping anyone from writing, publishing and supporting a port.

With your confrontational attitude I am surprised you get support anywhere.

Well I wont loose any sleep over this. I am still trying to following all this logic and my head is spinning. Oh well on to users who care about things and appreciate our help we provide for Free.