Failtoban won't start

After doing a batch up module updates, I noticed the flame icon next to the Failtoban application. I went to system admin and found that it was not started so clicked start but it didn’t start. I tried a different browser but got the same results. No error as to why I won’t start.

Where can I find detail as to what’s wrong?

Using System Admin

There should be fail2ban ‘log’ generated somewhere in /var/log/* that would identify the problem.

My guess is there are jails created by FreePBX, but without an appropriate log file to watch, current versions of F2B would still start in such an absence, just bitch about it.

You can ‘touch’ a missing log file it complains about to get obsolete versions of F2B to still start as a work around . Of course that jail won’t function. And the obsoleted versions of Fail2ban were obsoleted for good reason, Diagnostically

 fail2ban-client -V

systemctl status fail2ban will likely tell you some jail is missing or something.

There is a known and ignored issue somewhere in the update chain that broke this.

There are other similar posts.

It is not that the jails are missing, it is that FreePBX unnecessarily creates “half warmed fishes” (credit to @spooner for that :slight_smile: )

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