Failed to save storage configuration

I just created a usb installer and booted up a machine for install. When selecting the drive I get an error message that the install failed to save storage configuration. There was plenty of space and the drives were clean. Any advice here? Thank you.

Confirm that the drive you were installing on is at least 64 GiB. The Distro requires this (IMO for no good reason), so a 64 GB or smaller disk will not work. A workaround is to partition manually.

It has 200 gig.

If the drive was indeed ’ clean’, you should be able to open up another terminal by pressing “CTRL ALT Fn” where n is maybe 1 2 3 . . . then you can type cat /proc/partitions to make sure that there is indeed no untoward partitions like raid (md’s) or ntfs (windows), or possibly a UEFI schema, that might get in the way, if you don’t get just sda and your usb drive identified by the #blocks column, then dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdn bs=1M count=1 should zero out the boot sector of your 200g device and then reboot and try over . . .

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