Failed to load xml file



I ve configured an extension for phone apps according to wiki.
I ve applied a call forward button in endpoint manager for an S500 phone.

But when i press it i am getting Failed to load xml file.

When i am giving to a browser i am getting

{“application_name”:null,“application_display”:null,“page_name”:“main”,“type”:“display”,“exitPath”:null,“layout”:[],“action”:[],“error”:[{“reason”:400,“display”:“Phone Apps module not licensed.”}]}

Any help ?


Is your Phone Apps module correctly licensed?


I ve Sangoma Phones with endpoint manager i dont need licencing i thin !!!


If I remember correctly, there was some kind of bug that would cause the license issue with Sangoma phones. Are your modules updated?


Yes i ve updated all modules anf firmware on the phones


Since you have Sangoma phones, I guess you can request support directly to Sangoma.

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