Failed to load XML file (Sangoma S500)

Hello everyone! I’m in the process of doing a company move. Company 1 is full functional and running Yealink phones. Company 2 is moving into Company 1’s office space so they will be utilizing company 1’s FreePBX phone system. When employees from company 2 try to reach their voicemail by pressing the envelope/mail button on their Sangoma S500 phones, they receive a message stating “Failed to load XML file”. What am I missing here? I’ve created extensions, inbound/outbound routes etc and even exported/imported our Sangoma S500 template from company 2 PBX to company 1 PBX. I’m still new to PBX phone systems (one year experience) so bear with me. My escalation point is tied up more often than not so my real only line of support is this community.

They are able to reach voicemail box by pressing *97

Can someone point me in the right direction? Much appreciated!

Thanks but it won’t let me submit a ticket, says I don’t have a product. Is there a phone number I can call for support? Submitting a ticket should be a lot easier than what it currently is.

Also says I have zero support credits so maybe that’s why?

It’s a phone hardware ticket, you don’t need credits.

Thanks I was able to figure it out. I claimed product on one of the 25 phones that are affected.

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