Fail2Ban no Jails

This is strange. I’ve been working with Fail2Ban on a few servers, trying to get it to monitor another service. I’ve gotten that figured out, and it has worked on most of them. But I was adding it to another server, and I ran fail2ban-client status. Only to find that there are no jails. I don’t believe the stuff I changed made any difference to this becuase it has worked on other servers, and I’ve tried removing all of my changes to no avail.

I updated all of the modules, hoping that would solve it. But no. I checked and all of the jails appear in jail.local, and they are enabled. I’ve tried fwconsole restart. I’ve tried a total reboot. I’m running out of ideas.

Also, on a likely unrelated note, whenever I restart the server, I get a message on the dashboard beside asterisk and a red flame “unable to find asterisk results.” And I have to do another fwconsole restart. And that isn’t limited to only this server. A few of mine exhibit this behavior.

Sorry. I figured out that I hadn’t updated fail2ban. I was thinking it was somehow linked to the system admin module, and that by updating that, I was ensuring an up-to-date fail2ban. But I realized my mistake after I found out that I had this problem:

After running system updates, it appears to work fine.

It also appears that the “unable to find asterisk results” problems appears to be solved now too. I’ll come back on a new thread if I find it cropping up again.

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