Factory resetting Polycom 331 no luck

I got some polycom 331 donated for a church project. I need to be able to logon to them to point to the freepbx box. We do not have a DHCP server except the local router. When I use the reset procedure for the 331, it says it resets but yet I am still not able to logon to the phone. What is the best way to set this? can I setup the freepbx box as a dhcp server and provision the phone?

If you disable the DHCP server in your local router, you can easily set up DHCP to operate on your FreePBX server. You will need to manage it “by hand” but it is easily doable.

awesome. So I can also set the options 66 and 160?

Yup - totally.

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The polycom phones have a number of config resets available in the Config menu.- Local, Web and Device for specific parts, of the Factory Defaults. I usually go for that. If the phone is un some weird state that you can’t get to the menu, pressing 1357 during the boot up timer (for about 2-3 seconds), will prompt you for a password, then factory reset the device.