Factory Reset Vega 100G

I have a used Vega 100G on which someone changed the default username and password.

I can do a factory reset but will lose the license for the unit.

The support.sangoma.com website points me to a wiki that states:

If you cannot retrieve your Vega license prior to resetting your Vega, contact Sangoma technical Support to retain a copy. Submit a support ticket at support.sangoma.com with the Serial Number of your Vega.

How do I do this? Do I need to purchase FreePBX support credits? Some other kind of support contract?

Thanks for any advice you folks can provide.

Hi @Bismark

You should have to login to https://support.sangoma.com/ and can create the support ticket under the vega gateways department. Having said that, you should have a valid support contract in place with that vega gateway serial number.

Here is wiki link with detailed explanation on how to open a support ticket.

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Thank you for the instructions and link, Vinod!

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