Factory Reset Polycom 7000, on reboot reverts back password

Has anyone been able to reset one of these? I reset the config and can access the menus to change to FTP but when it boots back up, it reverts back. Web gui is also disabled. How can I factory reset it?

how are you doing a factory reset? it’s possible that whatever provider originally provisioned the phone has custom firmware so that you need to do more than just factory reset.

  1. Power cycle the phone.
  2. Press Cancel soft key during the boot process.
  3. During the countdown, press and hold the following dial pad keys simultaneously until the password prompt appears:
  • IP 335, 560, 5000, and 7000: 1 , 3 , 5 , 7
  1. Enter the MAC ID of the phone. (The MAC ID/address should be visible on a label on the underside of the phone.)
  • Note: For letters in lower case use ( a → 1A ) * for the period # for the /
  1. Press OK .

You can do that to make sure that you are actually properly doing a factory reset.

You can also look at voipt2.polycom.com for firmware and point the phone to the right version for your model if needed.

This works and I can get in with the MAC. It resets configuration. When the phone boots in 456 still does not work in advanced settings. I assume I need that to actually factory reset this phone. The web gui is also disabled so I cannot upgrade the FW

This is a factory reset. I’ve never had a problem with accessing the admin configuration after performing this step.

What you can try is use DHCP Option 66 to point to a config file that points to a directory that holds standard Polycom firmware.

I finally got it but what a nightmare. Probably due to the age. I had to download the UC software, updater and bootrom and put in the \tftpboot then I had to use option 160 with FTP. Once I had all the files, it updated.

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