Extremely High Memory Usage - V14

I’m running on Asterisk 13.22 with FreePBXV14 and my memory usage is through the roof. So much so I think the system actually froze up this morning. The system only has 10 physical extensions and 25 Zulu users. Running htop from the command line I see asterisk taking up almost all of the memory


36 days uptime. Reboot.

36d doesn’t seem long to be up before a reboot is needed. Do you find that necessary on V14?

36d is a horribly long time in the modern world of security concerns. Though Sangoma is slower than CentOS as they are downstream.
But the main reason is that within the last month there was a large kernel update and you have not booted to it yet.

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I’m not sure what you mean by this as uptime is not related to security concerns for the most part. If I update PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc. etc. because they have a new version that has a security fix nothing requires me to actually reboot the server itself. I’m just going to restart the services that I need to.

Yes, if you’ve run the updates in the last couple weeks (since May10th or so) you probably did get the kernel updates and yeah, a reboot for that would be needed.

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