Extra slashes in the name in blacklist

I noticed the blacklist was not stopping certain numbers in the list.

Here is one in particular

3042910340 Gilbert D J <-- Notice the spaces. Here it is in the blacklist after inserting this into it, 3042910340/Gilbert/D/J

Now notice the extra slashes, I think this is the reason the calls are getting through. The original formatting has spaces as you can see from the above, is there something that can be done with this?

Blacklist does not accept cnam. Only numbers. You can’t insert alpha characters

Whilst I do not doubt what you are saying, why does it ask for “Number/CallerID” ?

I’m just telling you how it works. No spaces are allowed. Only the words unknown restricted blocked are really supported at this time

Thanks, but that is not what you said, hence the reason I pointed out what it said on the screen. A lot of this is confusing, you would think after using this software for 3 - 4 years or so, I would have more of a clue on it… must be my age. lol

Well yes you can’t use alpha characters which is what I said. Those “specials” are what they are special. Spaces add backslashes. Which is a bug but no one reports these things so we forget about them.

Blacklist should not be used for matching cnam. The specials I said come in under cnum usually which is why they are allowed. I said don’t use alphas because people associate alpha with cnam which is exactly what you did and actually I specifically said “blacklist does not support cnam”

Obviously blacklist accepts alphas because you put them in there and saved it. What I should have clarified is that it’s not supported and won’t work for cnam matching. There’s really no way to prevent people from typing in anything there though because the cnum in another country could say something entirely different.