External XMPP Server

Does the latest version use the XMPP server (prosody) built into the FreePBX Distro? If not, how do I integrate it with one?

As an update, I did get this working at one point. In the ‘Settings’ under ‘System Settings’ then ‘Chat Settings’, use the drop down box to choose XMPP, fill in your information. since iSymphony and the commercial XMPP module reside on the same server I used localhost as the Server Host, 5222 as Server Port, and the same domain which was set in the XMPP module. On the user tab I under the new XMPP Settings I filled in the user login and password for the XMPP module.

It seemed to work but it appeared the prosody XMPP server was maxing out the CPU and randomly crashing the iSymphony; I was having to restart it many times a day. I eventually restored the default chat options in iSymphony while I do some additional testing.

I think I have something odd going on and I tend to be able to break most things without much effort so your mileage may vary.