External Paging (Loud Speakers)

I can not find any how to steps on setting up paging to loud speakers via the sound card.

I know this has to exist in the setting somewhere.

Thanks for any help

Using the sound driver (ALSA) for a paging source has been done but it is something of an unstable hack.

For under $500 you can get a SIP paging gateway (with four zones) from Valcom and SNOM has a single zone for about $300.00

Do you currently have a paging system in place, existing amps and speakers? Depending on the type of amp you could hookup an ATA to the amp. I just did 2 FreePBX installs using a Cisco/Linksys PAP-2T to integrate with the existing Bogan amp/paging system.

If you have an existing amp with a telephony interface you need to determine if it is FXO or FXS. If it is FXO there will be no voltage on Tip and Ring leads. If FXS interface -48v DC will be present. Some page on ring, some on off hook.

All of these conditions can be taken care of with a Cisco SPA3103 that has one FXO and one FXS port. They retail for about $100.00

If you only have an amplifier with 600 ohm balanced input then you need a gateway as I previously mentioned.

We currently have a nortel 8x25 ksu and it feeds into a amp and our speakers are powered speakers.

If this helps what will I need?


That is not enough info, what kind of input does the amp have?

We’re testing paging solutions that work with OnSIP and found Cyberdata works well. http://www.onsip.com/blog/sukanya/2012/02/03/testing-paging-systems-for-onsips-new-call-park-feature-coming-soon for info