External intercom connect to FreePBX

We are having a building external intercom (Comelit 2904) and is connected to the old legacy telephony system.
Now we are using a FreePBX appliance system with a FXS card in it for this intercom system.
When the intercom is connected to the legacy system these phones are ringing. When connected to the FXS card in the FreePBX we don’t see any phone ringing or see anything at the logs from dadhi.
Is there someone how has an intercom system connected to a FreePBX system and how is this connected?

This unit connects to a telephone, which in turn connects to the FXS port. It isn’t what we would call an Intercom - it’s more of a telephone accessory.

Since the unit is a FreePBX appliance, we’ll assume your system’s GUI should be working for you.

What steps have you used to troubleshoot the phone? Remember, until the phone is working, the unit will not respond.

Hi Dave,

I’ve written a FXS card but it is a FXO card. The comelit outline is PSTN and this one is connected to the FXO card into the FreePBX appliance.
I’ve done some troubleshooting from the cli as dadhi checks. I didn’t see any voltage when I put the button to let comelit unit to ring.
When I put back the comelit on the old legacy system everything is working again (for that phones).

FXS and FXO are not interchangeable. Basically, an FXO port is for “incoming” telephone lines. They require voltage from the phone company and do not provide any services to an sort of telephony device.

See FXS/FXO differences for more information about the differences between the port types.

So, for this device to work, you need an FXS port on your appliance. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that you need to contact Sangoma to find out what needs to be done to provide services to phones, as opposed to being a terminus for an incoming POTS line.

It is working now. The external intercom is connected to the FXS card and I made a ringgroup with the number which the intercom be calling. WIth #* I can open de door.