External CDR Reports

Hi, is it possible to view the CDR externally without accessing the FreePBX Administration?

Yes, but it’s not automatic and the method depends on how you are storing your CDR records.

If you are using the database approach:

  1. Add a user to the MySQL/MariaDB database that can access the database from the local network (not just ‘localhost’).
  2. Give that user “Select” access to the asteriskcdrdb database and the cdr (and maybe cel) tables.
  3. Write a SELECT that pulls the data you are looking for.

Step 3 gets a little flexible, since once you have access to the database, you can use a myriad of tools to create reports and pull information. For example, you can add OpenOffice Calc on the network somewhere and install the MySQL add-on to pull the data into a spreadsheet.

If you are using the CSV files, you can download the CSV file(s) you are interested in from the Asterisk server using SFTP. Look in /var/spool/asterisk/cdr (IIRC) for these files. From these, you can use whatever method for processing CSV files you are comfortable with.

On the other hand, why not create a “CDR Account” with access to CDR only?

“… without accessing the FreePBX Administration?” was the requirement.

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