External calls for a few extensions not working

I’ve got an extension setup(5132013869) that I’m unable to call from my cell phone and other outside numbers. I get a message that states " I’m sorry. Your call did not go through. Will you please try your call again." The message just repeats until I hang up.

The extension is able to receive calls from other numbers within the company though. I’ve checked the logs to see what happens when I call the number above from my cell and nothing comes through.

In freepbx, I've checked the extension to make sure it was entered correctly and looked over the inbound route for the number. I haven't found any issues so far. I'm not sure what the issue would be here seeing as this and one more extension that I know of are the only ones having any issues when receiving calls from external users. The rest of my extensions aren't having any problems.

Your friend is pjsip set logger on in the Asterisk cli. Hide the private stuff and then post everything. Your message does not sound like an Asterisk/FreePBX message. At least I’ve never heard it myself.

That may be one issue then possibly. I’m still on Chan_Sip and don’t see pjsip as an option when I go to create an extension in pbx. Is it possible for that command to still work with chan_sip? Also, my current version of Freepbx is with Asterisk at 13.29.2. I should’ve posted this earlier.

Is this a “new” system? If so, why did you start with such an old version?

Or, is this a system that used to work fine and doesn’t anymore? If so, are you aware of what might have caused the change (system update, modules update, device update, etc.)?

Or, did you add a new DID that isn’t working correctly? If you did this by adding a new trunk, with different credentials but registering to the same server as an existing trunk, be aware that chan_sip does not handle this correctly.

Try running sngrep and report whether anything appears on an attempted inbound call.

On a test call via T-Mobile, after 5 rings I was directed to a ‘number is not in service’ error message. My guess is that PowerNet sent an INVITE to your PBX, but because of a configuration error or router/firewall issue, it did not reach chan_sip. After a timeout, the error message was played.
Please describe the path between the internet and the PBX. Does the trunk use registration, or IP authentication?

This is an old system. The company set it up around the time they started. It hasn’t really had any issues either that I know of(I don’t really know much about phone systems to be honest. It just became a service I managed after last guy who managed it left)

I think our problem is the DIDs. This is one of about 20 that have been having issues. I’m pretty sure we haven’t added a new trunk though. The last one that was added was a few years before we got the new DIDs.

I’ll try running sngrep though and see what I get.

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