External access to FreePBX using the firewall

I have installed FreePBX as an docker container (image: tiredofit/freepbx:latest). Everything is running smoothly. Created a SIP extension (1004) and installed ZOIPER.

Accountname: FreePBX 5160
Domain: (example IP)
Username: 1004
Password: test (not the real password :slight_smile:

Registering … Registration Status OK

Now I want to access FreePBX from the outside with ZOIPER. I know this is not the most secure way, but I don’t want to introduce extra complications for now by implementing VPN etc.

Created a Firewall rule:
All IP’s from outside connecting on port 5160 go to port 5160 to IP a new account on ZOIPER, using:

Accountname: FreePBX 5160
Domain: (my external IP))
Username: 1004
Password: test

Now registering gives a Request timeout (408). I am pulling my hair out, could it be that there is a extra firewall enabled on FreePBX refusing external addresses?

FreePBX does have a firewall under Connectivty → Firewall. You need to either allow the IPs you want to be able to connect to your FreePBX or turn on Responsive Firewall for the protocols in question.

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