Extentions Not Displaying on Fop2

The extension list is not showing on my fop2, but all the configurations on my Panel Manager seem to all be correct. I have Administrator privileges so all options should be displayed, but they are not.

Do you see all extensions in the admin portal?

Yes. See attached

The extensions would be there under buttons, not users.

Go to buttons and re-sync it

I clicked “Synchronize labels”, but my dashboard still does not show the extensions. Please see attached.

Did you create a group with the extensions and then added these extensions to the template?

P.S. This information is documented in FOP2 docs, and isn’t really a ‘FreePBX or Asterisk’ issue.

Groups are all created as well. Everything was working fine in the past, it’s just as of the last week that this issue began to occur. Thats why I created this ticket. Ive tried everything and all my configurations seem to be in place properly.

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