Extensions with call recording option

Hello, I want to show all the extensions that have an active call recording option

I searched the database but did not find a table containing this figure

Wrong database :wink:

rasterisk -x 'database show'|grep  recording

in mysql - which table in asterisk database contains this data

a few, callrecording_module , callrecording , then the filestore(s)

I search in callrecording_module , callrecording tables and found nothing

You could do a bulk export of your extensions and sort in Excel on recording.

Please explain your problem. Is it technical e.g. calls failing to record as expected, or recording when the parties were not advised that recording was taking place? Or is it administrative e.g. you want to confirm that the users with recording match what is desired?

Did you search in the asterisk sqlite3 database (as I showed you) for the results of what you can’t find in the convolutions of mysql?, that will show you what Asterisk is actually doing, asterisk know nothing about mysql and FreePBX has you set the otions in the gooey, feature codes can, and will, override anything that is so set.

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