Extensions will not connect after a (suppose) correct ip class change

Hi all!
I decided to move my VoIP network to a new class using VLANs.
For changing the pbx class followed this simple procedure (via ssh) and the PBX was moved whre extensions were waiting for it “on the other side”.
Then I added the new class to the trusted zone of the firewall and restart the whole PBX.
SIP_legacy and PJSIP binding was not touched because they were binded to
I use SIP_legacy.

The command

lsof -i:5060

gives this as result

asterisk 30330 asterisk 37u IPv4 162803 0t0 UDP *:sip

Every phone pings the pbx and pbx pings every phone. With a linux PC on the new network i tried

nc -z -v -u freepbx-ip 5060

and the result was

Connection to freepbx-ip 5060 port [udp/sip] succeeded!

So all seems to be in order.
The problem is:

  1. extensions cannot register on the pbx. No logging rows on -vvv console
  2. extensions moved on the old network, routed by router, can register and work

I searched the forum and internet. I found only one post with a similar issue and the solution provided was “reinstall”. I’d like to avoid that!
Thank you in advance for the support.

Do the extensions get an IP from the new VLAN or are they on a fixed adres? and is that adres inside the VLAN?

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