Extensions registered but unavailable

I have moved a client’s phones from using UDP/5060 to TCP/5060 **. The phones (1 Yealink T46S and 1 Yealink W60B with 3 handsets) all show registered, but “pjsip list endpoints” shows the handsets as “Unavailable”. I am however able to call all extensions separately and as a ring group. The extensions change to “ringing” when I do and change back to “Unavailable” when I hang up.

Another extension (my office phone remotely connected to the server) also shows as “Unavailable”. The only phone showing “not in use” is the Yealink T46S at my client’s location.

I would sleep better if all extension were to show the way they should, which to me is not “not in use” when they’re not being used.

Help? Please.

** I have tried other ports, but these wouldn’t register. I think it’s something in my client’s firewall, a device I don’t administer.

Firewall on the server has TCP/5060 open as well as UDP/10000-20000 and I have set the local sip port on the devices to 10001 and 10002 respectively. I have also tried 5090 and 35130 (read: some random port). Oh and the FreePBX Statistics graph also shows only 1 extension online, all else offline.

Funny fact: when I change the local sip port on the Yealink T46S to anything other than 5060 is also goes to the Unavailable state, gets removed from “FreePBX Statistics”.

Everything is chan_pjsip.

Look at the logs from the phone and FreePBX (With SIP debug turned on) and see what errors you are getting. It could very likely be a network issue.

Setting up SIP and PJSIP debug - General Help - FreePBX Community Forums

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Best practice? Disable extension on the phone, enable sip logging, reenable extension and start looking at the logs?

Thats what I would do.

This is what I’m seeing: [2023-04-13 07:38:11] VERBOSE[21599] res_pjsip_registrar.c: Removed contact 'sip - Pastebin.com

When I revert back to UDP, the extension still says Unavailable, but FreePBX Statistics shows the user online.

Funny thing: when the phone rings, they quickly pop up in FreePBX Statistics as online to return to offline when the calls has finished.

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