Extensions Randomly Getting Set To DND Enabled

Howdy! Got an interesting situation here. I have a few extensions that will randomly get set to DND enabled. I know it’s not happening by the user via the Yealink desk phones they use, since the desk phones do not show that DND is enabled. It’s also not happening by the user through the FOP2 dashboard we have installed on our PBX, as all 3 of the users it has happened to, are not currently using the FOP2 dashboard.

As a note, all the users that it’s happened to so far are part of the same queue. Not sure what this would have to do with anything but it almost seems that there is setting that puts extensions on DND after missing so many calls but this just started happening and I did not make any changes to that queue’s settings for a long time. I also am not aware that this is even a setting in the queue module. I know there is “Auto Pause” but that is to do with pausing the queue agent, not the extension’s DND status.

I would like a few tips on how to narrow down where this issue is coming from. Is it a bug or a configuration issue? Where do I start? I’ve been administering our current phone system for a few years now and am familiar with the GUI but only know basic CLI commands, so please keep that in mind when responding!

Thanks in advance.

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