Extensions not ringing

We have been using freepbx for a few months now and have started noticing that at times the desk phone won’t ring. If it is part of a ring group, you will see/hear the other extensions in the RG ring but certain ones won’t. We had a few employees report this behavior which brought it to our attention. Also We see this happen from time to time even direct dialing the extension. We have checked ring group settings and the extensions but don’t see anything that jumps out at us as a reason for this happening. We currently use the soft phone on our computers and also some have the mobile app. Has anyone had this happen? We would appreciate any help as we are lost on things to try. Thank you in advance!

If the outside (line) is SIP … (telephone service) …

For the inbound route

Select the Advanced TAB and set Signal Ringing to YES and the PAUSE setting (enter) 4

This is only needed if the inbound route is delivering to a RING GROUP or IVR.

Thank you for your response! We have our inbound set to ring individual extensions before rerouting to a ring group. We do however have people internally dial ring groups directly. not sure if that would have a similar problem? We will even have the issue on a direct extension to extension call. It is very perplexing… there doesn’t seem to be anything in the logs either to indicate what may be going on.

Just to be sure, do a quick grep for “reach” in the “full” log and make sure your extensions are not flipping to unreachable and then reachable again. We had this happen recently and tracked it down to some SonicWall configurations (i.e. making sure that all of their VOIP assistances was turned off and then increasing the UDP Timeout on the LAN->WAN Firewall Rule to 300 seconds instead of only 30).

We had the same behavior as you – some extensions not ringing in a ringgroup or even when dialed directly – but the phone appeared to be connected and was if you checked it in Asterisk Info even – because the unreachable phase was never long enough to make the extension appear offline.

But we FOUND it by watching the “full” log and noticing the extensions going unreachable for a tiny bit now and then. So, something to check, at least. If it is happening in the log, try increasing your UDP timeout.

So it appears our extensions are indeed flipping back and forth… We tried changing our udp timeout to 300 but it didn’t seem to help much… We also tried setting keep alive on each phone to like 20 seconds and even 10 seconds but that doesn’t seem to help either… Maybe I am missing something? It has to be the udp timeout, right? Or maybe there are other settings in freepbx? We have a pfsense router… anyone have success with a pfsense router?

Well, at least we’re making progress now that you know that they are indeed flipping to unreachable and back. :slight_smile:

I’ve worked some with pfSense, but not with FreePBX. I quick Google suggests that you go into System->Advanced->Firewall/NAT and change the firewall mode to “Conservative.” (Note that that was like 7 years ago though, so I don’t know if it is still current for pfSense. But likely worth looking into.)

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