Extensions not linked to queues after upgrade to ast 1.8 and fpbx 2.10

Hello and thanks for a great product!

A SOHO installation with Asterisk 1.6 controlled by FreePBX 2.8 with two queues and three extensions in a Debian Squeeze vserver was upgraded to Debian Wheezy and Asterisk and FreePBX Everythings’s well except the queues: Incoming calls receive

[2013-01-08 20:20:54] WARNING[3910]: app_queue.c:5915 queue_exec: Unable to join queue ‘4444’

and are being blackholed immediately. Although the queues are visible as always in the GUI and I get

asterisk -rx "module show like queue"
Module Description Use Count
app_queue.so True Call Queueing 0
1 modules loaded

I also get

*CLI> queue show
No queues.

Here is the dialplan of a newly created queue

grep 1400 -nR *

extensions_additional.conf:386:exten => 1400,1,Macro(user-callerid,)
extensions_additional.conf:387:exten => 1400,n,Answer
extensions_additional.conf:388:exten => 1400,n,Macro(blkvm-set,reset)
extensions_additional.conf:389:exten => 1400,n,ExecIf($["${REGEX("(M[(]auto-blkvm[)])" ${DIAL_OPTIONS})}" != “1”]?Set(_DIAL_OPTIONS=${DIAL_OPTIONS}M(auto-blkvm)))
extensions_additional.conf:390:exten => 1400,n,Set(__NODEST=${EXTEN})
extensions_additional.conf:391:exten => 1400,n,Gosub(sub-record-check,s,1(q,1400,dontcare))
extensions_additional.conf:392:exten => 1400,n,QueueLog(1400,${UNIQUEID},NONE,DID,${FROM_DID})
extensions_additional.conf:393:exten => 1400,n,Queue(1400,t,)
extensions_additional.conf:394:exten => 1400,n,Macro(blkvm-clr,)
extensions_additional.conf:395:exten => 1400,n,Gosub(sub-record-cancel,s,1())
extensions_additional.conf:396:exten => 1400,n,Set(__NODEST=)
extensions_additional.conf:397:exten => 1400,n,Goto(app-blackhole,busy,1)
extensions_additional.conf:399:exten => *451400,1,Set(QUEUENO=1400)
extensions_additional.conf:400:exten => *451400,n,Goto(app-queue-toggle,s,start)
extensions_additional.conf:426:exten => 1400,1,Goto(from-internal,${QAGENT},1)

If I search the mysql database for the queues (forgot the command, sorry), the extension numbers show up but the “is destination for …” list of an extension does not show any queues.

How could I proceed? Any help for debugging this is highly welcome.

Greetings, Andreas Heydwolff