Extensions don't end calls when they should

Hi there,

When I put my phone back on the receiver, or end the call on my cordless phone, the call ends on the trunk, but the extension is still showing as in a call. I’ve tried ending it using the end call feature on FOP2 and using the “channel request hangup all” command but both don’t work.

The only way I’ve found to stop it is a full system reboot, which is quite frankly a pain in the backside.

How do I stop this from happening?

What phone? Details matter. Where are the logs?


Would be a great start to you helping us help you.

My apologies, I’m new to this.

Also apologies for the late reply, 6 days a week at work and a 1 year old mean I get very little free time.

I have 3 phones:

  • Gigaset n300 Base Station with a Gigaset C430H connected to it
  • Grandstream GXP 2130
  • Snom 370

Thanks for the link, using that I have created a Pastebin on the last call that had the issue.


FreePBX / Asterisk crashed after this call, I had to reboot the server to make it work again.

Thank you.

First, make sure that this doesn’t apply to your installation.

This problem causes Asterisk to go catatonic and a reboot is required.

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