Extensions created with space in Display Name not being passed to Asterisk

I have a number of extensions created before updating to the RC. These extensions are all First Last name. After moving to the release candidate, changing the Display Name to anything with a space in it is ignored and the Asterisk database is not updated.

Confirmed bug. Open a ticket at http://issues.freepbx.org

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Actually. This is not a confirmed bug. I have not been able to reproduce it and my developers have not been able to either.

So…should I open a ticket or attempt some additional troubleshooting on my end?

Display name set in freepbx to firstlast

/AMPUSER/1103/cidname : firstlast

display name set in freepbx to first last (note the space)

/AMPUSER/1103/cidname : firstlast (no change)

Is there something I should to to troubleshoot this a bit more?

Thank you.

There was an affecting change in Framework. Turns out none of the developers pulled that update so we could not reproduce the issue. That said a new core update should be published or will be shortly that resolves this.

Ah thank you much for the information, appreciate it.