Extensions automatic been put together on conference (problem)

Hi there.

Let me explain my problem:

Asterisk 11.25.2

The call comes in my SIP TRUNK;
Extension 21 picks up the call;
Extension 21 do an attended transfer do ext 31;
Ext 31 talking to the caller;
… then ext 21 rings… when picked up, the ext 21 is joined into the conversation between ext 31 and the external caller.

Seems to me like a ‘automatic conference’ starded somewhere or for someone.
The phones are GXP1610, 1615 and 1630.

Any help?

how is the attended transfer being performed ? (exactly) phone function or via feature code ? any change in behavior doing it one way or another

and is it only attended transfers where this happens ?

id be interested if using feature codes delivered the same results

All the transfers are attended transfers. They’re done using the phone’s transfer button, which is programed with the feature code *2

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