Extensions and External Transfer

I’m not sure the title quite describes what I want to do, but here goes…

I have a single PBX based at one office, with two other offices that have both an IP phone and also a PSTN phone; I’ve also got a number of people who have both desks with IP Phones, and mobiles, who go “walkabout” quite a bit!

What I want to be able to do, with both scenarios, is have some way of checking whether the user is logged in/on the IP phone; then:

  • if they are logged in and free, the call goes to their IP phone
  • if they are logged in, but busy, the call goes to voicemail
  • if they are not logged in, then the system tries their external number (whether it be a mobile or PSTN line);
  • if then that’s not available, it comes back to the internal voicemail.

Is this possible using Freepbx, or do I need to manually edit Asterisk’s extensions.conf file, and put all this in there?


Hi Folks,

I’m back trying to resolve this little question. Any help please?


I guess you have not read any docs in last few month’s then?


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Ring groups

for login / logged out it would Que’s and agents