extensions_additional.conf get overwritten

Looking for some help on this or perhaps a better way to accomplish this.

Problem: I want specific extensions to use a CallerID Lookup Service I created. My inbound routes have a drop bown box to selec tthe source. Each individual extensions does NOT. So I manually edit the extensions_additional.conf file and add the following (the second line) under the [ext-did] directives:

exten => +19994442010,1,Set(__FROM_DID=${EXTEN})
exten => +19994442010,n,Gosub(cidlookup,cidlookup_5,1)

My problem is that every time I apply a change in FreePBX, it overwrites the extensions_additional.conf file and wipes out the second line; hence, the CID lookup is not performed. I tried adding the lines under extensions_custom.conf, but the lookup does not seem to be performed. It may be an issue that I am not defining the directives correctly? Or it may be an issue that it needs to be placed in another *custom.conf file? If there is a better way to accomplish this, please let me know. I have requested this as I don’t want all extensions to have CID lookups performed, only specific ones and this has given me granular control. Any help would be appreciated.

move to the 2.5 alpha (svn trunk + modules 2.5) - there will be tar ball out soon. It has integrated the directdid with inbound routes and allows you to use cidlookup.

Philippe, Thanks for the feedback. Do you have any other suggestions, if I am a little conservative and don’t want to mess with alpha/beta code until its more tested. There aren’t any other *custom files that can do this?