Extensions_additional.conf does not right config from gui

I am using FreePBX with Elastix 1.6-13 and have reached a limit of 50 extensions which can be written from the Gui to the extensions_additional.conf.
If I add or edit a extension in the Admin -> Extensions page and submit the change, the Gui reflects the change, and will display the 60 extension. But when the apply configuration changes, the extensions_additional.conf is written with the first 50 extension details only. Any of the extensions over the first fifty are shown in the Gui, but not in the extensions_additional.conf.

My solution has been to use the Gui to set up the extensions, then to manually edit Extensions_additional.conf to make the extra extension work.

Can someone please advise if there is indeed a 50 phone limit, or is there a setting I’m missing which will overcome my issues.
Looking for help Please.

Any thoughts on how I could fix or where I could look for issues of the gui not correctly updating the extensions_additional.conf file?
With thanks

FreePBX has no such limit and to my knowledge I have never heard anyone say that Elastix has modified it to impose a limit.

There are many installations with hundreds of extensions.

The only thing I can imagine is if they have some modified version that disabled more than 50 extensions.

You might get some more specific information on the Elastix forum.

You may want to upgrade FreePBX and see if that changes something that they may have done? (As it stands, 2.5 is not supported anyhow, 2.7 is the most recent version).