Extensions_additional.conf after restore

I recently did multiple restores from pre v13 versions to v15 using the backup and restore module. I have a total of 3 servers that after restoring, extensions_additional.conf has no *97 dialplan at all so users cannot dial into their voicemail. It shows up in console as:

Call from ‘4000’ to extension ‘*97’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal'

On a working server I can grep *97 extensions_additional.conf and it will return dialplan, but on the problem servers there is absolutely no dialplan for that feature code. This is also an issue with dialing directly to voicemail using *, it says not found in from-internal. How can I get extensions_additional.conf to regenerate properly? I’ve tried obvious things like fwconsole reload and fwconsole reload.

Callers can leave voicemails on these extension no problem.

fwconsole ma install voicemail should do it I think (haven’t tested). At very least, it is harmless, so give it a try.

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Yep, running that command followed by a fwconsole reload made that dialplan appear. Thanks @billsimon!

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