Extension states remain at unknown following a reboot

So someone helpfully unplugged the freepbx server on Sunday and we’ve still got lingering gremlins. It’s related to a bug I’ve previously mentioned on this forum I’m sure. But basically all of my extension states are unknown so incoming external callers get the “not available message”.

I thought a restart command via fwconsole would help but it hasn’t. Any ideas?


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27750	[2021-10-27 14:48:59] VERBOSE[27742][C-00000001] res_agi.c: dialparties.agi: EXTENSION_STATE: 4 (UNKNOWN)	
27751	[2021-10-27 14:48:59] VERBOSE[27742][C-00000001] res_agi.c: dialparties.agi: Extension 20 has ExtensionState: 4	
27752	[2021-10-27 14:48:59] VERBOSE[27742][C-00000001] res_agi.c: dialparties.agi: Checking CW and CFB status for extension 20	
27753	[2021-10-27 14:48:59] VERBOSE[27742][C-00000001] res_agi.c: dialparties.agi: Extension 20 is not available to be called

So what sorted it in the end was a RELOAD. I thought a RESTART would trump a RELOAD, but no, it doesn’t.

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This is still an issue btw

Have you eliminated your network as the possible culprit? We’ve got quite a few deployments out there and I am not sure that we’ve ever seen this problem on any of them.

Are your phones and your PBX on the same network? If not do you have SIP ALG turned off on the router that’s managing the connections between your phones and your system? What do you have setup for registration timeout settings for your endpoints (i.e. how often are they setup to re register against the phone system)?

While the endpoints are in the unregistered state, did you do a SIP capture and can you see the phones trying to register?

What version of Asterisk are you using?

You haven’t really provided much info beyond stating the symptom for anyone to be able to help you here.

Thanks for the reply

Phones and PBX on the same network :white_check_mark:
SIP ALG turned off :white_check_mark:
Registration timeout is set to 20s
Registration attempts set to 0 (keep trying indefinitely, right?)
I didn’t do a SIP capture, no.
Asterisk version is 13.38.2
FreePBX version

I am leery of doing an update, I know how fiddly Asterisk/FreePBX is and mostly things work now and I’m not really being paid to manage or monitor this business (it’s a former client, sort of) anymore apart from when they have a powercut things go pear shaped and I help out of the goodness of my heart haha


Is that what the help text says 0 means? It also could mean disabled?

Otherwise it’s probably not worth continuing to troubleshoot as this seems to be something specific to this environment as I’ve never encountered this problem before.

yes, it is