Extension state subscription failed: Extension 105 does not exist[...]

So I deleted an extension (105), and now I’m getting:

[2016-02-21 16:57:54] NOTICE[26748]: res_pjsip_exten_state.c:356 new_subscribe: Extension state subscription failed: Extension 105 does not exist in context ‘from-internal’ or has no associated hint

in my logs and on my asterisk console screen every 7 seconds like clockwork. My good friend Google seems to think this has something to do with other (Polycom) phones having this extension on Buddy Watch, but I’ve removed it from the Polycom directories, and it’s still showing up.

Is there any way to determine which extension (or where-ever else?) it might be coming from so I can investigate further? The notice above doesn’t seem to give me any more information…


Ah, turned on logging (not to be confused with debug under SIP):

pjsip set logging on

and gathered 10 seconds of log file, then grepped that for 105, and discovered it was some IP address, which my router mapped to some MAC address, which my provisioning mapped to extension, and I discovered that the VVX phone(s) directory didn’t have x105 removed.

i got the same error message, turned on pjsip set logger on (logging is wrong or deprecated) and found the causing ip-adress. it turned out, that the customer had configured an BLF key with an external number, so i changed this button to speed-dial instead of BLF (which is of course not working for external numbers…) and the message disappeared…

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