Extension setup

Please correct me if I am wrong.
To setup a very basic extension with FPBX all I need to complete is the first 3 fields. Display Name, Outbound CID and Secret. The port I use when setting up the Yealink phone is the that noted at the top of Edit Extension page eg "This device uses CHAN_SIP technology listening on Port 5160 (UDP-this is a NON STANDARD port)?
Please comfirm
Many thanks

So, did you tell your Yealinks to communicate over udp/5160?

yes…but still wont register…:frowning:
firewall is off also

hehe :wink: , then you are doing it wrong.

Show your logs as it tries to register, consider turning on sip debugging. If you are trying to traverse NAT then make sure your router is sending traffic both ways appropriately

whats the command?
sorry not an expert at this

Lots of commands :wink: , I suggest you start with the WIKI linked at the top of this page.

OK thanks

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