Extension routing

I haven’t managed to get this set up: My boss asked me to set the extensions up so that when that extension is busy, internal calls (from-internal) gets a busy message but then if someone phones in via a trunk (from-pstn) he wants call waiting. I have tried almost everything no success. Is this even possible?

Well, there are some variables here.

When coming from PSTN, is the call going directly to an extension, queue, ivr-then-extension, etc? In any case, it is possible but it depends on your setup.

From PSTN to IVR then EXT, you can send it to a queue which people have to either join or leave (gives the music on hold while phoning agents on the list) which acts as call waiting in a sense. The ‘agent’ will receive the call once they login to the queue.

From EXT to EXT, a different agent would hear first agent’s voicemail greeting (busy or otherwise).

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