Extension Routing with follow me

I registered “Extension Routing” because I read that it helps to configure which extension or extension follow me should go to (outband routes):

The module is called the Extension Routing module and its focus has been very specific: allow any extension to be restricted to a subset of routes, including any calls launched by that extension whether from Call Forwarding, Follow-Me or VmX Locator.

And it works with extensions - I can choose which outbound route should be used for any extension but I can’t do this with follow me setting, eg.:

I have extension 222 and I set follow me to specific mobile number - 794857364, next I’m linking extenion with prefered route with “Extension Routing” module. When I’m calling from 222 to any external number, it uses choosen route, but when I’m calling to 222, call is forwarded to route first on the top of the list of outbounds routes.

I need this module only for routing forwarded calls because earlier I used dial patern to choose the route for the extension.

Could you please help me somehow?

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