Extension Routing - Mangled Outbound Routes

I purchased the 25-year license for Extension Routing several weeks before my free one year was due to expire. I also confirmed in the activation section of SystemAdmin Pro that it would be good until January 2018.

A few weeks ago I received a strange email saying that my license was going expire. I ignored it because everything seemed OK in SystemAdmin as I mentioned above.

A few days ago I happened to be routinely checking on a few settings and I noticed that my paid extension routing license had disappeared. I called into support and after providing my invoice number they were able to manually overide the missing license.

The problem I’m having right now is that although the GUI shows all my Extension Routing settings as they were prior to the license expiry, they don’t reflect what is actually going on. All my extensions are using random outbound routes (this is visible in CDR Reports) and as a result, my users are complaining that they’re callee’s don’t recognize their caller IDs (as they are using the wrong route).

I’m stuck as to what would be the easiest way to fix this. Do I manually uncheck all of the outbound routes and then re-check the ones I want used per Ext? Delete all extensions and outbound routes and start again? Or do a whole reinstall of FreePBX?

Sorry for the long back sorry but it is so the devs can understand the order of events that led to my issues. I believe this is not something Sangoma wants happening when a license expires which was purchased prior to the expiry date.