Extension Routes visualization problem

Following dcitelecom’s suggestion about unsupported Custom Context module to manage outbound routing, I decided to switch in favour of Extension Routes commercial module so I “purchased” a free licence
This module works great but it seems to me there is a visualization problem:
When I go to single extension config, each allowed route is UNCHECKED (despite it is allowed anyway)
If I go to outbound route (the other way to configure extension routes) all the extension are listed in the Blocked Extensions (still despite they are currently using this route)
If I drag and drop an extension to the Allowed Extension, it still works and, returning to extension settings, that route is now checked.
Is this a display issue or a known bug rather than a single local problem just here locally ??


You do need to setup each route the first time after install so this would be normal

Thanks Tony,
Into the drag and drop area each extension can be placed in different order
Does it have any sense ??