Extension Routes Module not registering


First thing’s first:

PiAF Installed Version:
FreePBX Version: 13.0.73 1
Asterisk Version: 13.2.0
OS: CentOS 6.7

I installed the Extension Routes Commercial Module. Now, before you go ahead and tell me I need to register, I already did. I purchased the FREE 1 YR License. The order on the portal is COMPLETE. I see the License displayed on the portal under the Deployment ID for the server. On SysAdmin, it says that the machine has been activated. And, from there is where I clicked the link to get the free Extension Routes Module license.

However, when I go to Outbound Route Settings, or Extension Settings, it keeps saying that “Extension Routes is not registered”. But, that’s just not true.

Is there anything I can do for the system to refresh the licenses from the portal? My guess is that it just hasn’t replicated. But, it has already been a few hours, and I’ve never had to wait this long before. Specially considering that the Portal shows the order as Complete. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Installed version of Extension Module: 13.0.6

Update to Extension Routes Module version 13.0.8, along with FreePBX Framework 13.0.75 addressed this issue. Thank you FreePBX Team! :smiley:

I know it’s bad form to hang this here, but I have the same problem with Extension Routes with FreePBX Framework
When I SSH to the box, it reports 1 Uninstalled Module (I cannot claim I’m sure this is the same module). This is before I issue any commands:

Last login: Fri Feb 23 13:02:03 2018 from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

| | | ___ | ___ \ \ / /
| |
_ __ ___ ___ | |
/ /| |
/ / \ V /
| | | '__| / _ \ / _ | __/ | ___ \ /
| | | | | __/| __/| | | |
/ // /^\
_| || _| _|_| ___/ / /

Current Network Configuration
| Interface | MAC Address | IP Addresses |
| eth0 | XX.XX.XX.XX.XX | 192.168.1.XX |
| | | IPV6 was here |
| wlan0 | XX:XX:XX:XX:XX | |

Please note most tasks should be handled through the GUI.
You can access the GUI by typing one of the above IPs in to your web browser.
For support please visit:

| Your system is currently up to date! |
| Your PBX is up to date. |
| Also 1 Uninstalled module. |

I too “bought” the 1 year license to try the module and have confirmed that the transaction was successful. I get many failures and retries to connect to the “next” mirror when "yum update"ing but finally it did report “finished” as noted on the “Your PBX is up to date”.

The module itself show “upgrade” on the Module Admin list but the version is correct so when I process, it exits immediately when it finds that it’s the same version.

I hope the information is clear/helpful for you (someone) to help me!


On FreePBX Admin/SysAdmin/[Activation], I “updated” activation and then everything seems to be working.

Except that on the SSH login, I still have 1 uninstalled module, but that’s another issue… will have to raise it in a separate message.

This “update” activation I was not aware of. Shouldn’t it be in the wiki where installing a module is explained? (I mean they tell you how to “purchase” the module but I don’t remember any reference to updating the activation).

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