Extension Routes Module error to

I am using FreePBX Disto 1.818.210.58-1, (haven’t upgraded it yet), and just got back from being away and and saw that 2 modules needed updating. The first was one of the Frameworks, which I updated by itself without incident then updated the extesnion routes module using module admin. It stated it was updated successfully but no reload ‘button’ appeared so I did it manually. Still stated I had one module available, tried again stated it installed successfully but no reload appeared so I rebooted this time. I still have version installed apparently and it nags me about the update.

Is there something I can do? Or is this update for newer versions?


looks like a hickup in the publishing process, the tarball didn’t make it in so it keeps thinking there is an upgrade but the tarball isn’t available.

Someone will get that resolved today, in the mean time, no harm on the system and the update is for a very rare corner case situation of better avoiding a locally corrupted AstDB bogus empty entry that shouldn’t be there anyhow so you should be fine until then.

This should be resolved now. Sorry about that.

Thanks you guys! I’ll give it a try.