Extension Routes/custom context not working

I have registered and installed the Extension routes module but it doesn’t seem to work, I even tried it with PBX distro but no luck. So I tried the old module Custom context but that doesn’t seem to work either.

May I know if there is any other solution for having an extension route to a specific trunk. I really need this feature. Thanks in advance.

What doesn’t work about it?

Did you look at any of the tutorials?


Thanks for the reply,

Yes, I configured the same way as specified on the Document but no luck. Is there any specific version of Asterisk and Freepbx it supports.

I have added extension 1 in route 1 and blocked extension 2. same way added extension 2 in route 2 and added extension 1 in blocked. when i make a call from extension 1 or extension 2 the call by default goes to route 1.