Extension Outgoing Caller ID Number Incorrect

I have a weird incorrect Caller ID Number issue I cant figure out whats causing it. I have 11 extensions on PBXact:
PBX Distro:
Asterisk Version:

7 of the extensions are all at the corporate office and their caller ID is the main company number. I have the CNAM updated by Sipstation and thats correct.

There are 4 remote phones (S705) using VPN that work great. These remote phones/extensions all have their own DID. I submitted CNAM requests for these DID to Sipstation along with the main number at the corporate office at the same time.

I have the CallerID number set in “Extension” for these 4 remote phones to overide the CallerID set at the Trunk Level. Caller ID is blank in outbound route.

When these remote phones make outgoing calls, the main corporate office number is showing on the receipents caller id, not their DID that I have set in Extension…

What is causing this? How do I get a specific extension that has a DID routed to it display the CallerID Number I have set in Extension?

Only way I can get the outgoing caller id to change is to change CID at the trunk…but that changes it for all extensions which I don’t want…

Paste the Asterisk log for a failing call at pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here.

Sorry this isnt a FreePBX intsall. Its a PBXact setup. My other FreePBX systems have no problem passing Caller ID when set in the Extension.

Its going to be very difficult for me to get a log when that remote phone makes an outgoing call. Its a Vineyard 3hr away from me and only open on Fri, Sat, Sun with limited people to call. Ill see what I can do.

Turn off force CID in the outbound route or trunk.

It is the same thing with different branding. The install instructions are literally install latest FreePBX then register the system with you PBXact license. To “convert” it.

PBXact POMPS comes with free support for bugs. Open a support ticket to chase this down.

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Override Extension CID is not enabled in Outbound Route and “Allow Any CID” is checked for both Trunks.

Im aware PBXact and FreePBX are the same. I was only mentioning that because I said in my OP it was a FreePBX install and posted version numbers. Just stating it in case someone was confused. Its has no bearing on this issue though.

Ill open a ticket then.

Will do thanks.

@lgaetz I tried opening a support ticket for this issue in my Partner Portal. Selected PBXact > PBXact Bug Report Assistance. Selected “System Bug” and put in my Deployment ID and it says (No POMPS or support contract found…???

New PBXact 60 Sangoma Appliance purchased in March 2021…

Did you purchase a POMPS contract in March with the system? If so please open a ticket of type ‘Customer service and Billing’ to get the POMPS properly applied to the deployment.

No, I didnt purchase anything separate. I guess I misunderstood the description. I guess I confused warranty with support? Warranty says valid till 2022…

In my Partner Portal looking at that deployment ID under the support tab, it says Base Support Contact Purchased 1-26-2021 and Expires 4-26-2021… I didnt purchase it on 1-26-2021 though which is the weird part. I have my invoice right here, I purchased it 3/7/2021. Either way, I guess Im SOL.

There was a known issue with outbound caller id, but it was resolved quite a while ago. Is the system fully up to date?

Yes. A Systems Update check says no updates and Modules Update check says no modules… I just updated everything the other day when I found this Caller ID issue…

Im checking to see if that resolved the issue which it may have… I have a remote S705 test phone for this client at my office here working via VPN and I changed the caller id for this test phone extension and called myself and the correct caller id # I set came through.

I just emailed the client and asked them to call me from the phone in question to see if its now passing the correct caller id # I have set in extension. Ill update as soon as they make that test call…

This issue is all resolved. It appears it was fixed via updating everything after the issue came up last Friday but hadnt tested it after doing the updates till today. The correct # set in Extension is now coming through correctly from the phone in question. Thanks!

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