Extension not working

I configured tunnel connection between my office in KSA and India. Managed configuration in soft IP phone in India. PBX server is situated in KSA, when i am trying to call ringing is available but not able to talk . could you please help any one i am missing anything in configuration

Did you add the local network of both localtions to the local networks in the NAT setting of the Asterisk SIP settings?

no.could you please guide me how i can configure

You can add your local networks under Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings > General SIP Settings > NAT Settings.

after this configuration i can hear voice from remote end , they can’t hear anything from me.

When both local networks are added and there is still only one way audio it might be some network issue between the two sides.

network issue resolved , but now if call initiated from remote side only one side audio. call initiated from server side two way audio working fine. in extension setting any configuration missing?

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