Extension not showing up in DPMA extension list

I’m using DPMA module with FreePBX, and using Digium D65 phones. Was going great, each phone as it boots and finds the FreePBX, offers a list of Extensions from which to choose.

I had chosen a particular extension (537) for this User, but then found out the phone has a bad display (white line of pixels across the middle), so I reset the phone to factory defaults and wanted to use x537 from the list for a different phone, but 537 no longer shows in the available Extensions list.

I deleted the Phone from Digium Phones page, and even went as far as deleting and re-creating Extension 537…but it still does not show in the list of available Extensions for configuration.

Is there another place I need to go to delete the former assignment of x537 (in a conf file or something)?

The extension was already assigned to the old phone so it won’t show up in the unassigned list on the phone’s menu. There’s a filter softkey that’ll allow you to select all extensions, it should show up there.

Yep…sure enough, there it was!