Extension not listening to commands

I think I got a booty call from someone today. 25 min blank message.

The extension voicemail VM option is set review=yes|maxmessage=60

I would imagine that is seconds. Is there a disconnect from Asterisk to Freepbx perhaps why the option is not being executed?


review=yes means that message leavers can check the message they have left.
maxmessage=yes means that you can have 60 messages in your mbx.
check your call log and see if the trunk used to call you and then go to voicemail actually hung up the call. You may get this from cellphones calling pots lines.

I thought maxmessage
was “amount of time in seconds of an incoming message”

This limits the number of messages in a voicemail folder


Someone left a 28 min message via a toll free line confirmed. Regardless who hung up or didnt hang up. I should not accept 28 min messages.

Sorry if the wiki has outdated information. I was just basing it off of that.

I went ahead and tried review=yes|maxmessage=60|maxmsg=60

Still allows longer messages to be recorded.

Perhaps a |

Does the limit work on your system?