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Can you have multiple OU’s in the User management admin




Ok So I created a group with some user in it and it will not sync the group

Starting Sync…
Updating All Users
Retrieving all users…Got 53 users
Updating All Groups
Retrieving all groups…Got 1 groups
Forking child processes
Forking out 112 active children at a time
Fork 0 getting users from UCP Users…
Fork 0 finished Getting users from UCP Users
Child processes have finished
Adding Users from non-primary groups…
Found 0 users in UCP Users
Finished adding users from non-primary groups
Updating Primary Groups
Executing User Manager Hooks

I also tried creating a new OU call PBX Users and a group withing that ou called UCP Users. after I sync i receive the following error. If i remove the group from the OU it does not give me that error

Starting Sync…

ldap_search(): Search: Can’t contact LDAP server

userman [args1] … [argsN]

So i found out that if the user in the group is not withing the Base DN Denfined the user will not show up.

How can I add two different departments?

You can’t at this time.

should I submit a feature request

There’s been one for a few months. It’s very low priority