Extension limit call inbound

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Hi it is possible with freepbx exemple : did point to queue and inside queue they are for exemple 4 exetensions i want limit call for each extension to answer , so for exemple today i want extension 100 inside the queue take only 10.inbound call not more ?

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I do not think there is the ability to set a hard limit for an agent in a queue. There are custom scripts you could likely develop to achieve this function, but perhaps the simpler option is to have the agent sign out after 10 calls?

Queues Wiki:

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Thank you for your answer how ca n agent sign out after 10 call for exemple?

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You can do it from the server:

Or the agent can sign out from their phone via an assigned BLF or a feature code:

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This is log cli manual i search same thing auto per day exemple after 10 call limit or logout extension.

I have found this but i do not if ot will work :

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The post is old, but could still work. You would have to try it yourself to know for sure.