Extension issues after a restore from FreePBX 2.10 to FreePBX 15

So here is a question. How can I mass change all the extensions to use pjsip?

The GUI method is to one by one go into the extension and click the advanced tab and then change it to pjsip.

The extensions are all setup SIP after the restore, that I understand.
But on port 5062 for some reason? This I do not understand. Where did this come from?

I don’t want to recreate the extensions, simply migrate them en-masse to pjsip.

The UDP port is as specified in Asterisk SIP Settings.

How many extensions? The only way to do it in bulk, is to use the Bulk Handler, but there are substantial differences in the CSV format between pjsip and chan_sip, I would expect it to be almost as much work as submitting one by one in the GUI unless there are a lot of extensions.

I know where it is specified, but this was a 100% clean FreePBX 15 install. One assumes this was set to 5160 prior to restore.

I guess I can poke around the backup and see if they actually are using a non-standard port on the live system (I do not have access to that at the moment).

I went from 13 to 15 the other day. The SIP port bindings of the original system were restored.

in the backup files, sip.conf.0 does not have any binding specified.
Is it stored some place else? because this is the only text searchable locatoin in the backup that shows :5062

They are in mysql, tables kvstore_Sipsettings and sipsettings.

Nothing seems specified. This is not really breaking anything, as I can set it in the sipsettings now after restore, but I am unclear why it is not default.

ok I am going to open a bug report on this now since a bunch of other issues with this restore are now resolved and I have time to test again.

But Prior to restore, PJSIP is on 5060 and SIP is on 5160. After restore, PJSIP is on 5060 and SIP is on 5062. yet the extensions say they are on SIP on 5060. fun times!

Issue created: https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-21423

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