Extension in use but not in gui

I have an extension stuck in the DB. It’s not in the gui, but when I try to add extension 138 for example, it says it’s in use. I ran the following and still have the same result

USE asterisk;
DELETE FROM sip WHERE id = ‘xxx’;
DELETE FROM users WHERE extension = ‘xxx’;
DELETE FROM devices WHERE id = ‘xxx’;

Not sure which version of FreePBX you use, but if you hover over that icon, it should tell you where it’s in use.
Might be it’s a Queue, Ring Group or Custom Extension.

Have you done SELECT * FROM sip WHERE id='138' and see how many, if any, results are returned?

You could also do: SELECT DISTINCT id FROM sip and that will kick back all the unique ids, which in this the case of this table is the extension number.

some how it ended up clearing out. Thanks

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