Extension > Follow-me || Not working from Queue

I have an extension 3001 with follow me setup to my cellphone. Screenshot here If I dial 3001 from any other extension, I get a call on my cell phone. This works as expected.

Now if I add 3001 in my Queue > Queue Agents > Static Agents, I do not get queue calls to my cellphone. If I add a non-follow me extension (sat 1002) to static agents, I receive queue calls fine.

Any ideas what I may be missing?


This might be due to a caller id issue, where the system is trying to pass along the caller id for the queue caller, but your provider doesn’t like that. If this is the case, you can try playing with the “Change External CID Configuration” near the bottom of the Follow Me options. For testing, I would try a Fixed CID Value that is set to the same number that your pbx sends out if you were calling your mobile directly. Beyond that, we’d need to know more about your provider to figure out what to troubleshoot next. For example, is it a SIP provider? Are users used to getting calls non-queue calls forwarded to cellphones? If so, do they usually see the original caller’s id passed through?

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Thanks @wmoon for looking into my issue.

I do not assume this to be a provide issue, I say this because if any extension dials 3001, the follow-me works & I get a call on my cell phone. But the same is not working when I dial into a Queue which has 3001 as static agent.

I believe Static agents in queue with follow-me is not going to work. May be I need to create a ring group and add the ring groups as static agent in the queue. Not sure, its just my hunch.


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